Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition


An Immersive Dive into a World of Flowers, Color, and Play

In Whorl, hundreds of flowers are animated independently each with their own individual behaviors.

Whorl, a multi-participant interactive media art installation, is an immersive dive into a world of flowers, color, and play. As visitors enter the installation space their presence is acknowledged by a garden of animated flora projected onto three walls. Flowers grow, bloom, spin, and contract in relation to people's movements and locations. 3D modeled flowers are animated in TouchDesigner. The flowers respond to people's movements as detected via OpenPTrack, a new open source computer vision based person tracking system. In Whorl, body motion and play reveals one's spatial connection to networks of flora and their enigmatic behaviors.

Eitan Mendelowitz
Assistant Professor of Computing and the Arts, Smith College, Massachusetts

Damon Seeley
Designer, Google

David Glicksman
Creative Technologist, Positron LLC