Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition


Kwanwoo (Kw.anu) Park and Kyea-Min Jeon

People sometimes understand time and space through light and its reflection. Everything we recognize as a present moment is actually mixed traces of lots of separated reflections. When we look at the stars, we might experience and understand these concepts in the same way. The stars that we are looking at are actually lights that left their origins a long time ago. They are from far back in the past but, in this very present moment, they are still twinkling. What if a mirror does that? The lights reflected from us wander around the cosmos. What if we encounter them again unexpectedly?

Our project starts from those questions. The project Tomorrow is about making a mirror that reflects yesterday. Inside this huge digital mirror we encounter many beings that existed — who stared into this mirror? If there are people who pass this place every day they might meet their reflections from yesterday and they might think to themselves, "How would this reflection be changed tomorrow?" The past, present, and future is on the same line. Tomorrow shows this mixed time and space inside the definition of the present.


When encountering the project Tomorrow the visions of people who passed by the same place yesterday is reflected.


Kwanwoo (Kw.anu) Park
Freelance Artist & UX Research Consultant/ Designer of Samsung Leeum Museum
Kwanwoo is an artist who creates installation artworks using various kinds of media. His works focus on his unconscious memories and questions that surround perceiving different kinds of dimensions.

Kyea-Min Jeon
Senior Student, Majoring at Digital Media Design, Hongik University, Korea
Kyea-Min's artworks range from videos, media and installations, which focus on asking the question: how do people able to live together?