Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Psychophysics Machines

Adam Donovan

Psychophysics machines is a sound installation made from four acoustic physics manipulating robots. Using sound focusing (parametric speakers/sound lasers), reflection and Anti Doppler shifts, Psychophysics machines disrupts the auditory perceptual engine to create an environment of sound that normally is not possible to hear in nature. Motion of the audience merges with the motion of the robots as they move, turning the piece into part machine part human mesmeric flow performance.
The influence of the body and concept of the lens (the idea of flow or motion with the body through space) is fused together with the idea of psychology and physics in which the robots can be thought of as a physician performing a test or administering musical medication which is reflected in the name of each robot.

Capturing the essence of the experience is particularly difficult. Perhaps a few quotes from what people have said after hearing the works over the last year can best describe this.

"Wow, I never thought it was possible to experience sound in this way"
"It's like 3D cinema for the ears"
"The way the sound moves seems somehow impossible"


Robot 3: Dr Doppler explores spatialisation effects using the Doppler effect.

The Curious Tautophone.

Multiplexing Tautophone a multiplexing Sound Lens Robot.

Psychophysics Machines.


Adam Donovan
Hybrid media artist, Vienna
Adam is a hybrid media artist working in the area of science, art, music and technology. His artwork incorporates Nonlinear Acoustics, Robotic sculpture, Game Engine Environments and camera tracking to name a few. Donovan's work is inspired by the intangible aspects of physics we experience every day. He explores these phenomena amplifying their effects to create new mediums and experiences.