Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition


Oscillations robot close up – containing two singing bowl robots attached to motors with a central ringer stick and separate strikers.

Oscillations is an installation featuring Tibetan singing bowl robots. Sitting on Xbee mesh network, each robot carries two singing bowls that produce pure sustained tones marking out a meditative and immersive sound field. These robots are controlled by virtual player and striker agents which move through a virtual exhibition space using Brownian motion, weighted by video tracking of the presence of listeners in the gallery. The combined effect is a set of beautifully made suspended objects, that magically produce an immersive, ever evolving, meditative, omnipresent, harmonic sound field. The robots can also be taken down and used for perambulatory or gorilla style performances.

Garth Paine
Associate Professor Digital Sound and Interactive Media, School of Arts, Media + Engineering, Associate Professor Composition, School of Music, Arizona State University