Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Melt, Splinter and Thread

Sculptural Installations

Esther Rolinson

Melt, Splinter and Thread are sculptural installations that evoke the notion of disintegrating structures, tracing a relationship between chaotic and geometric forms. Each work creates unfolding vistas of landscapes in motion from a vertical forest of forms in Melt, to the shattering structure of Splinter and the barely perceptible presence of Thread. Underlying these works is a consideration of contemplative spaces and an interest in engaging with the viewer's innate understanding of form and movement.

The sense of connection between the audience and the work is a key element of Esther's practice. She is curious about how to bring the individual into a sensory relationship with each piece. From the outset in these works there was an intention to utilize the subtle complexity of programming and emerging technologies whilst visually prioritizing the physical felt experience through the quality of form and materials.

In setting out to achieve this Esther carried out extensive drawing and model making to evolve the work conceptually. The importance of drawing developed in her practice during this time. It inspired an approach of spontaneous making that she carried into model making and programming. Esther used drawn images as a way of understanding and exploring patterns of form and movement.


Melt installation.

Splinter installation.

Thread installation

Splinter installation.


Esther Rolinson
Visual Artist, Hastings, UK
Based in South East England Esther's work explores the architectural applications of three- dimensional structures, animated light designs and digital technologies. Her focus lies in the idea of sensitizing environments.