Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Matières Sensibles

Sound Sculpture on wood – Interactive marquetry.

Matières Sensibles (Sensitive Matters) is a series of sculptures made of very thin and delicate wood veneer sheets. These sheets of wood have distinct sonorous touch zones that follow the natural veins of wood. The researchers of Scenocosme have enabled the artists to develop an artistic and technical process, invisible and delicate. A meticulous and invisible design work gives the artists the ability to define a musical score spread over different areas of the wood. They have invented this process that they call 'interactive marquetry'. By design, the wood sculptures look like instruments that reveal themselves through various kinds of sounds when touched.

Gregory Lasserre, Anais met den Ancxt
Artist couple working under the name Scenocosme