Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition


When a face is detected, the idMirror application stretches the user's face to fill the screen.

idMirror is an artistic project that investigates how social networks and mobile technologies have changed the perception of human identity. A handle mirror which consists of a tablet computer with newly developed android app uses face recognition to detect the location of the face of the user relative to the device. Based on this it renders a computer graphic at the location of his or her reflection. When a person positions himself/herself in front of the device he/she can see his/her own face in the mirror, metaphorically presenting his/her identity. The image in the mirror slowly becomes distorted like fluid in networks and thus becomes an exposed subject to its permanent manipulation.

Maša Jazbec
PhD candidate at Empowerment Informatics of Tsukuba University, Japan