Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Fifteen Points (XV)

Esteban Garcia Bravo, Jorge Garcia Galicia and Aaron Zernack

Fifteen points (XV) defines the role of cognitive dissonance in diverse reactive spaces. In an interactive floor projection, viewers are encouraged to move throughout the space and engage in the manipulation of the art piece. Detecting both sound and body of the participant, the 3D shapes and textures within the installation bend and distort to the interference accordingly. When a presence is no longer sensed, the shapes are autonomously restored with a burst of energy to their original state, while a generative synth soundscape orchestrates the entire experience.

By immersing the viewer in a full body experience of shifting compositions bred by human motion, this piece projects many diverse, retinal interpretations of space. XV challenges the senses and plays a crucial role as a generative system, giving insight to the prospect of inaccurate visual assumptions that can drive us to understand new possibilities. A piece with pleasing aesthetics, carefully planned architecture, algorithmically defined behaviors, and the ability to regenerate from destructive energy, the work serves as a fusion point of art, design, mathematics and technology.


Fifteen points (XV) defines the configuration of diverse reactive spaces. The body-sensitive experience can be described as a shifting architecture, delineated by mathematically arranged quadrilaterals and textures that display ambiguous perspectives. Photograph of the installation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


Esteban Garcia Bravo
Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University
Inspired both by constructivist avant-gardes and cognitive psychology, Garcia uses shape to test the senses and push the boundaries of visual assumptions. His work looks past the idea of shape as a function and instead explores its endless possibilities as an aesthetic form. His artistic endeavors include coding and fabrication of automated sculptures, interactive graphics and video installations.

Jorge Garcia Galicia
PhD candidate, Department of Computer Graphics, Purdue University
Jorge is interested in procedural modeling and any interaction between mathematics, algorithms and art. His field of study is geometry processing and digital image processing. He also has experience in live coding, and creative coding in general.

Aaron Zernack
Castle Bravo Tapes
Aaron produces experimental electronic music and sound under various project names. He is also the head of Castle Bravo Tapes, a label dedicated to the dissemination of avant-garde and deconstructed electronic music genres. He is currently using analog and digital modular synthesizers to unite sound and music through control voltage.