Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Digital Buddha

The new media artwork Digital Buddha combines 3D Printing and camera mapping. This work was created by 3-D deformable modeling through a computer, then transforming the model into a sculpture using 3D printing, and then remapping the materially produced sculpture back into the camera. Finally, it uses the already known algorithm to convert the model back into that of the original non-deformed sculpture. From this creation project, in the real world, audiences will see a deformed, abstract sculpture; and in the virtual world, through camera mapping, they will see a concrete sculpture (Buddha). In its representation, this piece of work pays homage to the work TV Buddha produced by video art master Nam June Paik.

Using the influence television possesses over people, this work extends into the most important concepts of the digital era, "coding" and "decoding," simultaneously addressing the shock and insecurity people in the digital era feel toward images.

He-Lin Luo
Interaction artist, Taiwan