Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition

Crafted Logic

Towards Hand-Crafting a Computer

Close-up of crochet relays: Magnetic Hematite beads at the center of the crochet elements that incorporate an electromagnetic coil.

Crafted Logic is an interactive installation realized as part of a larger research into creating electronic components from scratch. It is a speculative artifact and process as means to reflect on the creation of digital systems that surround us, as well as on how this shapes our interaction with them. The piece consists of fundamental logic gates that are created by various textilecrafting techniques. In replicating the basis of digital electronics in novel forms and through unconventional materials, our intention is to imagine alternatives to existing realities of computational technologies. Users can interact with Crafted Logic in making the textile elements compute the result of different logic operations on the inputs they define.

Irene Posch
Researcher, University of Applied Arts Vienna, PhD Candidate, Vienna University of Technology

Ebru Kurbak
Principal Investigator, University of Applied Arts Vienna