Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition


Collidoscope musical instrument.

Collidoscope is an interactive, collaborative sound installation and musical instrument that allows participants to record real-world sounds, which they then can creatively explore, manipulate, and perform in real-time. Unlike traditional instruments, Collidoscope enables participants to play with real-world sounds in a direct and immediate way which allows for both musical and explorative interaction. Collidoscope reveals the sounds' inner structures through minimal visualizations which bind sound, people, and interaction together. Collidoscope favors the creative process over technical mastery, and in doing so emphasizes musics most visceral objective - communication between human beings.

Ben Bengler
Postdoctoral research associate in interaction design and physical computing, University College, London

Fiore Martin
Postgraduate research associate, Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University, London