Art.CHI 2017

Interactive Media Works

A CHI2017 Exhibition


Our second volume of the Art.CHI catalog accompanies the first dedicated Art Exhibition at the SIGCHI Conference, CHI2016, San Jose, CA curated by Ernest Edmonds and Jason Challas. It follows on from our first Art.CHI catalog, which accompanied workshop and Interactivity demonstrations in Seoul, South Korea at CHI2015. This catalog documents the work shown in the exhibition, "Inter/Action: digital art that responds" presented by ACM SIGCHI CHI2016 and Works/San Jose, as well as high quality contributions that could not be shown physically. The curators were looking for artworks that were novel, thought-provoking, evocative, sensorially-rich interactive art experiences, and created by a diverse and broad group of creative practitioners. The selection process was based on the criteria listed below.

  • Originality and Novelty: the work should be highly original, creative and imaginative. It should exemplify novel concepts in surprising and challenging ways that add something to what exists already.
  • Aesthetics: the work should have a strong aesthetic element and communicate effectively through form, function, behavior and emotion. Aesthetically interesting qualities include features that are pleasing and exciting as well as provocative.
  • Realization: the work must have a tangible aspect, in the form of an installation, object or art piece that can be included at a reasonable cost. It should be built and executed to a high standard suitable to be exhibited at CHI 2016.
  • Value: the work has the potential to open doors to new ways of thinking about interaction, evaluation and aesthetics, both in HCI and the Interactive Arts and/or critiques present and emerging forms.

Our aim was to invite work which challenges the notions of what it means to interact with digital technology, and provoke discussion on where research, design and development in Human Computer Interaction might go in the future, especially when considering the cultural and aesthetic impact of interactive technology. We trust the reader will find that the catalog demonstrates that our aim was more than met, find it equally thought-provoking and a stimulus for discussions with artists as part of their own work.

David England, Celine Latulipe, Ernest Edmonds and Jason Challas